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Hi, I'm Dana. I have been designing and making stuff since dressing up my little sister's Barbie dolls. As a teenager, I would trace the bodies in "Millie The Model" comic books (okay, I've dated myself now!), and dress them in my own fashions. I had notebooks full of ideas by the time that I got my own sewing machine.

Designing and constructing thousands of garments and accessories has taught me that you must never stop learning! These days, my passion for brilliant colors and tropical prints is expressed in versatile reversible headbands for girls, little and big, and an ever-evolving array of really, really cool handbags! My Swag Bag jewelry travel bag is the au courant vagabond's ultimate accessory. If you are a footloose wayfarer, or even a cozy homebody, you will truly treasure it! It is not my original design; but it is genius! I punched up the size and the fabrics- Chinese Brocades, dupioni silks, satins, and graphic cotton prints- to maximize its obvious charms. Every girl deserves this elegant solution to the ziplock bag of tangled bangles. Beauty and organization in one irresistible package-here form is function!

Color, cut, proportion, and a critical eye married to developing techniques produces exciting results! My newest passion, crafting singular jewelry, proves my point. Since 2010; when I just had to make something with African Krobo beads because they were so color-saturated and cool; I've learned to bend and beat gorgeous metals( embellished with African beads, more fascinating kiln-fired art beads, and beautiful gems and pearls) into earrings, necklaces and torcs, and bracelets with a rough and ready vibe. Oh yeah, I like to work seaglass collected around Rincon, P.R. into the mix - I love glassing at a few secret spots - so addictive!

All my creations are handmade exclusively by me - I scope out unusual fabrics for my accessories and handcrafted components to enhance my jewelry designs.

Anyway - enough yada-yada-yada about me - time to go make something!

Meanwhile, please enjoy a look...